About us

My dear friends,

My name is Natalia Zelenkova. I am the administrator of this website. I am not a doctor. I am a person who has faced many oncological diagnoses given to my relatives and friends. The two cases in my family are really complicated and, actually, have no treatment at present. Both these people were diagnosed with stage 4, when all actions for survival must be taken extremely fast.

My personal oncological story is available here. I socialize a lot with cancer patients and understand the frustration and fear of the people who have just learnt about the diagnosis and do not understand what to do and where to rush. I'm also aware of the fact that our present day public healthcare can offer no sufficient information on the matter and has many unsolved problems.

The aim of this project is

to raise awareness about cholangiocarcinoma as type of diagnosis,
to unite patients with this diagnosis, their nearest and dearest, professionals in medical sphere, charity organizations and all the people involved in this issue.
to inform cancer patients about clinical trials, molecular profiling of tumors, and other directions of modern science and oncology in particular, which can save a life of a patient with cholangiocarcinoma and of many other cancer patients for whom the standard schemes of chemotherapy do not work and who are searching for an effective therapy.
After my condition stabilized in June 2016, I did not return to my previous professional activities related to audit, and almost immediately began to communicate with patients as a volunteer, while simultaneously studying molecular biology. You can see the training completed in my «new» life here.
My education and my work experience before I was diagnosed with cancer can be found here.
I can be contacted via telegram @zelen_natash.
In February 2022 I registered a Charitable foundation «Cholangiocarcinoma».
Natalia Zelenkova — Education and Work Experience before the diagnosis was made
In 1999 graduated with honors from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, Department of Economics and Management, Degree in International Management.

In 2005 completed the education, got a degree and became a member of the British global association that unites professionals in finance, accounting, and audit – ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

In 2007 passed exams and got a Russian Qualification Certificate (license) of an auditor of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The license had been annually confirmed and prolonged till 2021, after that the prolongation was superseded on own initiative.
Work experience:
2007 – 2015
KPMG, Moscow. Manager, Senior manager (since 2008).
Audit of financial (accounting) statements prepared in accordance with the international and Russian standards. Clients: RUSAL, SUEK, investment sub-holding companies in the Basic Element, SDS-Mash (machine building group in the holding «Sibirsky Delovoy Soyuz»), Wienerberger AG brick factories, Omya Ural, Eventim (parter.ru), ECE (property management) and other.

Arrangement of long-term cooperation with clients, search for new clients and preparation of commercial offers.
2005 – 2007
TNK-BP, oil industry company, Moscow. Senior auditor in Internal Audit.
Participation in internal audits of capital investments, charity expenses, compliance with safety regulations, merging and acquisition, financial statements preparation.
2003 – 2005
KPMG, Moscow. Senior auditor.
Audit of financial (accounting) statements prepared in accordance with the international and Russian standards. Clients: UMMC, Souzmetallresource (ore mining and processing industrial complexes in the Basic Element), Permneft (LUKOIL), Campina.
2000 – 2003
KPMG, Saint Petersburg Affiliated Office. Auditor.
Audit of financial (accounting) statements prepared in accordance with the international and Russian standards. Clients: Fazer («Khlebny Dom» and other baking factories), Henkel, «Baltika» and «Vena» breweries, North-Western Shipping Company, «Power Machines» (Elektrosila).
1993 – 2000
Tour guide in St. Isaac's Cathedral.
Chief accountant in small business (lumber companies and investment companies).